CAVI BORGO is a beautiful place. And we say that with the pride of those living and working in this combination of coastline and hinterland.

A village with a long beach and a sea that for decades boasts the Blue Flag.

A village that climbs a hill, almost untouched, waiting to be discovered through soaked black stone paths up to centuries-old churches overlooking the sea, between the ancient olive groves and prolific, this year, honored for its preciousness, the Green Spiga .

A village full of the land and the sea, in the sign of taste are combined into extraordinary dishes such as the traditional cappon magro.

A Borgo with an illustrious past and a bright present.

A village that has managed to combine the charm of the history and characteristics of the territory with the needs of modern tourism and hospitality thanks to the many events hat enliven the summer evenings, JAZZ & WINE FESTIVAL and BORGO IN TAVOLA, to name some.

Because CAVI CORGO is a place where people live a little rough but friendly ... ready to welcome those who want to discover and love it.